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Surgical instruments manufacturers in Sialkot, Pakistan

Pituary Rongeur

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Pituary Rongeur

SafeMed Industry is a Sialkot, 51310, Pakistan-based Surgical, Dental, Orthopedic, Laparoscopic, Endoscopy, & many more 10000+ instruments manufacturers since 2003.

  • Pituary Rongeur
  • Product 1 Details: 25 Cm – 9 3/4″
  • Shaft Length 180 mm
  • Product 2 Details: 27 Cm – 10 3/4
  • Shaft Length 185 mm

CE ISO Certified

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SafeMed Industry is a Surgical Instruments and Dental Instruments Manufacturer from Sialkot, Pakistan. SafeMed is a customer-driven company that manufactures the highest quality surgical instruments, and supplies at cost-effective pricing.

For all inquiries, please email us at [email protected]
Thank you!
Syed Haider Raza
SafeMed Industry

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