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Dental instruments are tools that are specially created and utilised by dental specialists to execute various dentistry procedures.

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Surgical instruments are tools or devices specifically designed to assist healthcare professionals in performing surgical operations.

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Beauty instruments refer to a wide range of tools and devices used in the beauty industry for various purposes including haircare, nail care, etc.

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Veterinary instruments are basic tools used by veterinarians to diagnose, treat, and perform various procedures on animals.

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We have a comprehensive product portfolio of 3700+ instruments that allows you to source all your instrument needs from a single supplier, saving time and effort.

1302Dental Instruments
215Beauty Instruments
1831Surgical Instruments
216Veterinary Instruments


EU MDD 93/42 EEC Certifiate
EU MDD 93/42 EEC Certifiate
ISO 13485 : 2016 Certificate
ISO 13485 : 2016 Certificate
SCCI Certificate
SCCI Certificate
Free Sales Certificate
Free Sales Certificate

Key Goals of SafeMed Industry

We have several goals that drive our operations and strategies. These goals are centred around providing high-quality, reliable, and innovative surgical instruments to healthcare professionals. The ultimate objective is to contribute to the improvement of patient outcomes and the overall efficiency of surgical procedures.

One of our primary goals is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products. We strive to design and produce instruments that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. This involves rigorous testing, adherence to regulatory requirements, and continuous improvement processes. We invest in research and development to create instruments that are reliable, durable, and easy to use.

Another important goal for SafeMed Industry is to meet the specific needs and preferences of healthcare professionals. Surgeons and other medical practitioners have unique requirements when it comes to surgical instruments. We work closely with these professionals to understand their needs and develop instruments that address their specific challenges. This may involve customization options, ergonomic designs, or specialized features that enhance precision and efficiency during surgeries.

Cost-effectiveness is also a significant goal for SafeMed. Healthcare systems worldwide face budget constraints. We aim to optimize production processes, reduce manufacturing costs, and offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality or performance. This goal aligns with the broader objective of making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

Furthermore, we focus on innovation as a key goal. They constantly seek ways to improve existing instruments or develop new ones that can revolutionize surgical techniques. This may involve incorporating advanced technologies such as robotics, minimally invasive approaches, or smart features into our instruments. Innovation helps surgeons perform procedures more efficiently, reduces patient trauma, and enhances overall surgical outcomes.

We also prioritize customer satisfaction as a goal. We aim to build strong relationships with our clients by providing excellent customer service, technical support, and training programs. This ensures that surgeons and their teams are well-equipped to use the instruments effectively and achieve optimal results. We often collaborate with healthcare institutions to gather feedback, understand user experiences, and continuously improve their products.

Additionally, sustainability has become an increasingly important goal for SafeMed. We recognize the environmental impact of their operations and strive to minimize it. This includes implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes, using recyclable materials, and reducing waste generation. We also focus on developing instruments that are reusable, sterilizable, and have a longer lifespan, thereby reducing the need for frequent replacements.

reasons to work with usFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

  1. 1
    Who we are?

    SafeMed Industry specializes in the production and distribution of surgical instruments. We employ skilled workers who design, develop, and manufacture a wide range of surgical instruments used in various medical specialities. We adhere to strict quality standards and regulations to ensure that our products meet the requirements of healthcare professionals.

  2. 2
    How we ensure quality?

    We prioritize quality control throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products. We follow stringent quality management systems, such as ISO 13485, which outlines the requirements for the design, development, production, and distribution of medical devices.

    We conduct rigorous testing and inspections at various stages of production to identify any defects or deviations from specifications. Additionally, we often collaborate with healthcare professionals to gather feedback and make improvements to their products.

  3. 3
    Are surgical instrument manufacturers regulated?

    Yes, we are subject to regulations and standards set by regulatory bodies in different countries. These regulations ensure that the instruments meet safety and performance requirements before they can be marketed and used in medical procedures.

    We comply with international regulations, including pre-market clearance or approval processes for certain types of instruments. Similarly, every country has their own regulatory authorities that oversee the manufacturing and distribution of surgical instruments.

  4. 4
    Where is the SafeMed Industry based?

    We work from our manufacturing facility in Sialkot, Pakistan.

  5. 5
    How does your company policy handle ethical trade?

    Ethical trade is very important to us. We orient our workers in a safe, interactive and efficient setting in order to produce professional craftsmen.

  6. 6
    Can clients see your manufacturing factory?

    Yes, we do have a facility to arrange factory tours on request for our respected clients.

  7. 7
    Does the SafeMed Industry provide certification with their surgical instruments?

    Each set of products is certified under our Certificate of Conformity and its record is held by the company.

  8. 8
    Can you provide free sample instruments?

    No, our sample service is paid. You have to pay sample costs and shipping charges for your sample orders. Please note that once an order is approved, sample costs will be refunded in your very first order with us.